Seek Cloud is an industry-leading firm providing a wide range of talent, technology and total workforce solutions to small, mid-market and enterprise clients. The experts in our technology solutions group can help you excel and achieve your profit goals faster than you thought possible. As one of the world’s leading cloud solutions company, we make it easier and more affordable to enter and excel in high-growth technology and vertical markets locally and around the world. With our technology expertise, strategic alliances, resources and services, we provide complete customer solutions that handle most of companies’ needs starting from their digital presence, eCommerce website design/development, Hosting solutions, Marketing materials, Logo design, Cloud CRM, Salesforce, Social Media Marketing.

Seek Cloud LLC is an IT consulting company with more than 25+ years of experience in the IT field. Our team carries all experiences needed to guide your business to the optimum solutions needed to help you run a successful business.

Seek Cloud LLC is an American LLC company with roots that started back in Egypt on 1998. 

On 1998, the company was established in Egypt under the name of “Bestavros”. The company was very successful gaining the trust of all its clients for being affordable, honest, loyal and hard working partner. 

The company was re-established in Virginia, USA on 2014. We were able to help many starting and existing companies achieve their marketing strategy. We have great history with very successful businesses that partnered with our company to establish their business. We are proud to be part and one of the reasons for their success.

Our company’s mission is to go hand on hand and partner with small, medium and starting businesses, helping them establish their electronic presence and provide them with all needed cloud solutions to run a successful business. 


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